About Us

 Rassie Erasmus is the founder member and Outfitter of Rasland African Ventures. He grew up on a farm in the former Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, where he lived his passion for the outdoors. He started hunting as a young farm boy where he was most fortunate to hunt plains and dangerous game. He shot his first impala at the age of six years and his first buffalo at the tender age of 14 years. After school Rassie obtained 3 degrees in law and in 1985 joined the Department of Justice as prosecutor. He also served as magistrate and later in his career he practice as attorney at law. During his law career, Rassie started to free-lance as a professional hunter.  During 1998 he decided to turn his hobby and passion into a full time career and since then, Rasland African Ventures grew from strength to strength.  Rassie is one of only a few people with almost 30 years of membership with the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association.  With his vast experience as a professional hunter together with his knowledge of people as well as the African bush, Rassie strives to provide his clients the experience of a lifetime in Africa.





Our Code of Conduct

As Professional Hunters we will:
  • promote the conservation and sustainable utilization of game
  • not be associated with or involved in any form of canned hunting
  • have the necessary qualifications and licenses to operate as an Outfitter and  Professional Hunters
  • uphold all rules and regulations stipulated by the governing hunting bodies
  • ensure that all firearms are tested and checked prior to any hunting taking place
  • ensure that everyone adhere to firearm safety
  • do our utmost to put all clients in the best possible position to make a clean kill
  • ensure that wounded game is pursued and killed and not left wounded in the field
  • at all times when photographing the trophy hunted, portray the animal in a respectful manner
  • obey all laws of the land and uphold at all times the spirit of fair chase
  • do our utmost to enable clients to have the best hunt of their life!