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The world’s strangest and most dramatic landscapes, nature’s richest treasure chest of gold, diamonds and platinum, an unique wealth of animal and plant life, a kaleidoscope of sun-blessed peoples – can there be a country anywhere else on earth more enticing for the traveller than South Africa?

Nature’s tools of creation – the wind, sun, ice and rain – have worked a special magic here. Controlled by the cold Benguela Current on the west coast and the warm Mozambique Current on the east coast, the climate has sculptured extremes of deserts, savannahs, snow-covered mountains, grasslands, high forests and tropical mangrove swamps. Within these climatic zones earth’s most diverse plant population flourishes. In the deserts are drought-resistant plants, and in the swamplands are mangroves with their roots deep in mud and water. There are the majestic Boabab trees in the north as well as the brilliant seasonal spectacle of flowers in Namakwaland to the south.

This country, too, is the home of magnificent big game and hosts of birds as varied as the vast range of habitats and foods which nature has prepared for them.

All in all, we are speaking of a country that is one of the world’s most sought after destinations to visit and experience. And look no further! Rasland African Ventures is very well suited to assist you in unlocking this land of beauty and splendour!